Strive For Better Health With Sustainable Healthcare

In India, health care is one of the most rapidly growing industries, both in terms of employment and generation of revenue. The most important force behind the growth is attributed to the continuously increasing population. Another factor that contributes to the growing healthcare sector is the growth in the number of infectious and unending degenerative diseases. The diseases like AIDS and several others that are related to lifestyle are becoming more widespread in India.

Health care Infrastructure
To manage the ever growing health care requirements appropriate and sustainable healthcare training and facilities are required. The existing healthcare system in many parts of the country is still not up to the mark. The government and various players in the private sectors are putting in a lot of effort to make medical facilities available to the people living in the remote corners of the country who have been deprived of the same for years. But sustainable healthcare is not a short term goal that can be reached quickly. It requires planning, designing, building infrastructure, a great amount of finances, medical expertise, volunteers and follow ups. The process is complex and needs a lot of commitment from the government as well as other stake holders.

Awareness is the Key to Health
But before facilities can be provided and infrastructures built, it is also very important to make the masses aware about different health issues. Without dissemination of knowledge about healthy lifestyle and basic hygiene, no amount of medical care will help the populace in the long run. Over the years various healthcare projects have been taken up by the government and various private sectors who want to play a part in raising the living standard of the society. These projects not only provide medical care but also make people aware about causes of diseases and methods of avoiding them.

Some of the Burning Issues

Some of the major health issues in India result from

Lack of clean and safe drinking water
Poor sanitation facilities
Poor waste management
Reproductive health of women
Lack of proper vaccination

Awareness and availability of proper health care facilities are the two main tools that can reduce the burden of common man that arise from health related issues. Healthcare Projects are a necessity mostly in the rural areas as more than half of the population reside in villages that are devoid of even basic medical infrastructural facilities. Mother and child care, vaccination facilities, family planning programmes, sex education, basic health and hygiene guidance, proper sanitary conditions are all issues that need to be well planned and designed into projects to be executed in rural India.

However only designing and commencing Healthcare projects would not serve its goal until they are managed properly with a view of making them sustainable healthcare systems. Along with building a base for health care facilities, disseminating knowledge among the masses is also of vital importance. This can only be ensured through spread of education and awareness. Illiteracy is one of the root causes of poverty and poverty leads to poor health conditions. Illiteracy and poverty form a vicious cycle that is very difficult to break. Low levels of literacy push people towards poverty which in turn gives rise to poor health conditions. Sustainable Healthcare thus cannot stand alone without spreading awareness among the masses.

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